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Commercial Services

With over 35 years of in-the-field market experience, the professionals at Cardwell and Associates, Inc. have offered commercial real estate valuation, appraisal and consulting services at highly competitive prices.

Property Tax Consultation

We offer a wide range of property tax services for commercial real estate and personal property. Our specialists produce results with experience, superior market knowledge and aggressive negotiating techniques.

Residential Services

Our home appraisal professionals have the knowledge, experience and expertise to appraise residential property types ranging from new construction to historic homes and vacant land to multi-family housing.

Your source for commercial, residential and property tax services.

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At Cardwell and Associates, Inc., we believe in offering our clients professional services at highly competitive rates. Our state-certified licensed appraisers are qualified to handle all of your real estate valuation, appraisal and consultation needs as well as property tax valuation, assessment and appeals.

Cardwell and Associates, Inc. serves the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. Our office is conveniently located in the Central Professional Building of Historic Downtown Independence, MO.

  • Commercial real estate valuation
  • Commercial real estate appraisal reports
  • Commercial real estate consultation
  • Commercial property tax consultation
  • Commercial property tax assessment
  • Commercial property tax appeal
  • Personal business property tax appeal
  • Residential real estate valuation
  • Residential real estate appraisal reports
  • Residential real estate consultation
  • Residential property tax consultation
  • Residential property tax assessment
  • Residential property tax appeal

Why Choose Us?

All appraisal companies are not alike…eliminate the guesswork and choose a local company with decades of in-the-field experience and market knowledge.


Our professional appraisers have state-certified licenses.


All of our commercial, residential and property tax services are offered at competitive rates.


Over 35 years of in-the-field real estate market experience and expertise.


From inspection to delivery, we take great pride in our fast turnaround times and professional, friendly service.

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