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Our consultants have worked diligently to build and maintain positive relationships with assessor offices and other property tax professionals. These relationships help us serve our clients by facilitating a more effective appeal process and allowing for more successful negotiations.

What is a property tax appeal? A property appeal is the due process a taxpayer may initiate if the assessed value of owned property cannot be agreed upon with the county assessor. Your county’s appeals board, a quasi-judicial body consisting of impartial persons or a hearing officer, hears evidence from both parties before deciding upon the value of the property in question. The  process provides for the ’equalization,’ or the fairness of the assessment, of a property’s value.

What documentation is needed to file a tax appeal? The issue before the Board is the market value of your property.  Accordingly, you will need to furnish evidence that demonstrates that the Assessor’s valuation exceeds your property’s fair market value.  Successful forms of evidence include:  comparable sales and/or sales of the subject property; contractor estimates of costs to repair building or land defects; letters or documents from government agencies and/or experts regarding development limitations; deeds describing easements that impact value; independent appraisals; photographs of features or conditions that you believe diminish your property’s market value; and maps showing proximity to high traffic areas, access limitations, etc.  By law, the Assessor is presumed to be correct and burden of proof is on you to show that the Assessor’s determination is incorrect.  Our property tax professionals has experience and expertise in every step of the appeal process.

What can I expect at the tax appeal hearing? The hearing is a review process where representatives argue the property owner’s case. The representative and the Assessor’s representative will have the opportunity to give oral testimony and review previously submitted arguments and evidence. Each party will have the opportunity to question and rebut the other party’s arguments and evidence. One or two hearing examiners/ board members typically preside over the hearing.