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Your source for competitively prices residential real estate valuation reports.


Residential Property Tax

  • Residential Property Tax Consultation
  • Residential Property Tax Representation

Residential Reports

  • Single Family Residential Report
  • Two to Four Family Income Property Report
  • Condominium Valuation Report
  • Drive-by Valuation Report
  • Property Valuation Report
  • Modular Home Valuation Report
  • Vacant Land Valuation Report

Residential Valuations

  • Single Family Home Valuation
  • Condominium Valuation
  • Multi-family Residential Dwelling Valuation
  • Drive-by Valuation
  • REO Valuation
  • Foreclosure Valuation
  • Vacant Land Valuation
  • Individual Site Valuation
  • Bankruptcy Valuation
  • Estate Valuation

Our home appraisal professionals have the knowledge, expertise and experience to appraise any residential property type. Cardwell and Associates offers competitively priced residential services.

Why do I need a professional appraisal? There are many reasons you may want to have a professional estimate of value on your property: obtain a loan, lower your tax burden, establish replacement value for insurance purposes, appeal high taxes, eliminate PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance), obtain a fair and equitable division of assets in a divorce proceeding, estate planning/ settlement, negotiating tool when purchasing real estate, determine a market value/asking price when selling real estate, analyze the feasibility of proposed improvements, protect your rights in a condemnation case, required by the IRS or other governmental agency, a lawsuit, etc.

What is the difference between a residential appraisal and a home inspection? An appraisal is an estimate of market value, not a home inspection. Although the appraiser documents condition and construction, the appraiser is not performing the function of a home inspector. An inspector conducts a complete examination of the structure from roof to foundation, checking all assessable areas and systems which includes: heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, insulation, roof, foundation, floors, walls and windows.

What do I do to get ready for the appraiser? The first step in most appraisals is the inspection. During this process, the appraiser will visit the property to measure it, determine the layout of the rooms, confirm the general condition of the structure’s interior and exterior, and take photographs which will be included in the appraisal report. Please have the following documentation ready for the appraiser (if applicable):

  • Itemized list of improvements/upgrades with date of installation and cost.
  • Information on any listing/purchases of the property in the last 3¬†years.
  • Written property agreements such as a maintenance agreement.
  • Copy of the structure’s blueprint.
  • Most recent real estate tax bill and/or legal description of the property.
  • Title policy that describes easements or encroachments.